Month: June 2005

Austin Skyline


Austin Skyline, originally uploaded by dstout. A night photo taken in downtown Austin, Texas after we were walking back from watching 1.5 million bats fly out from the Congress Avenue Bridge at dusk.

Is unionization a good thing?


That’s what people are asking at my university. There’s a move to unionize us “Professional & Scientific” staff. The only P&S staff who are currently unionized are the nurses at the university hospital. SEIU Local 199 is looking to band people together. I’ve been getting lots of emails and stuff in the mail regarding this issue. What do you think? Should professional university employees unionize? To clarify, we have three classifications of staff: merit (who […]

Beware: A Tale of Sin


Howdy, y'all. We’re all back safe and sound from the Austin trip. Took a few photos and might put one or two online when we get the time. Lest y'all think that the mighty Manufacturers have gone all soft with food and drink, I just wanted to point out that we mightily paid for our sins. This being then a tale of mortification of the flesh… There we sit by the slippery surface of the […]

All is cool in Austin


We’re rocking out to some ancient Archers of Loaf track at the moment here on the 18th floor of some building in downtown Austin, Texas. Speaking of Archers of Loaf, we’ve been partaking of some of the great live music here. Our favorite so far is Ruthie Foster. Ruthie gave a great performance the other night. She’s somewhere between alt-country, folk, and r&b. Her music made us feel good. She’s got a bassist and a […]

Work & Play


We’re here in the lobby of the downtown Austin Hilton. Texas has been warm and welcoming to us. We appreciate the southern hospitality. At any rate, this visit is a little bit of work and a little bit of play. Presently we’re focused on the work bit, but soon shall come play. If you’re in Austin, give us a call at the Hilton, and we’ll meet and drink some blogger coffee.

Jobs: Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.


Steve Jobs of Apple Computer & Pixar gave the commencement address at Stanford University this past Saturday. Jobs, a college dropout, shared some personal stories about his experiences over the years. They make for an interesting read. The entire text of the commencement speech has been posted online. Or view this video excerpt. Mr. Jobs tells three stories in his speech. The first story is about connecting the dots. The second story is about love […]

Where the hell is Austin?


We’re going to be packing it up soon and taking the Manufactured Environments show on the road to Austin, Texas. We’re looking forward to spending some time down there. To whet your appetite for good things to come from Austin, we’d like to present a fabulous link of Amanda Congdon of Rocketboom having a fine time dancing at the sights in Austintown. This video put a big smile on our face, and we hope it […]

Book Meme of the Day


Caterina passed the baton on the latest meme du jour about books. So here goes: Total number of books I’ve owned: I currently own about 600 books but have owned many more over the years. Last book I bought: The last book I bought, which was yesterday, was Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time by Keith Ferrazzi. Thanks to T+T for the Barnes & Noble gift card. Never […]

What philosophy do you follow?


In the Quest for a Better Test, today we examine a quiz entitled “What philosophy do you follow?” If you find yourself amused by this sort of thing, which apparently I am, feel free to take the quiz yourself (see link below). We’d like our blogga’ friends, especially Sam, to take the quiz too. Wouldn’t that be fun? Rock on. Without further ado, here is how I scored on today’s Quest for a Better Test: […]

Self-Referential Aptitude Test


Jim Propp, an associate professor of math at the University of Wisconsin, devised a clever little multiple choice logic test. He calls it a self-referential aptitude test. Enjoy! Some folks also devised an interactive version of the test over here if you’re into that sort of thing.