Month: May 2005

Julian Manduca, RIP


I was saddened to read on Wired Temples that Julian Manduca died Tuesday in Valletta of a heart attack at the age of 46. I remember Julian as being one of the most interesting people I met during the year I was living in Malta (an island nation in the Mediterranean). He was what we Americans would call a non-traditional student at the time, which simply means he was attending university as an older student. […]

The future of television: Clark’s NYC Video Blog


If blogs are the future of journalism, then certainly video blogs are the future of television. We want to give a shout out to our pal Clark ov Saturn who is hosting his own show over on his NYC video blog that goes by the catchy title ZipZapZop. We here at Manufactured Environments definitely prefer the Clark-in-a-sports-coat look (5-18 entry) to the Hairy-Chest-ov-Clark (5-17 entry). We’ve subscribed to Clark’s RSS feed and look forward to […]

Get back, RIAA! You don’t know me like that.


If you follow online music, then I’m sure you’ve heard about Yahoo’s entry into the music subscription fray with Yahoo! Music Unlimited. It’s a deal where you pay $5 a month and get unlimited access to music online and for yr portable device. Barry Ritholtz drops some logic in an interesting direction, namely this: if unlimited access to music is worth $5 a month, why is the RIAA suing people who share music files for […]

What is your world view?


I sent this quiz to a guy a couple of weeks ago, and I hope he’ll chime in with his results. At any rate, here is how I rated on the latest meme du jour: a quiz that asks “What is your world view?” I see that Sam posted his results today. Without further ado, here is how I scored: You, Daniel Stout, scored as Cultural Creative. Cultural Creatives are probably the newest group to […]

The Truth About Mac OS X Tiger: You Heard It Here First!


Maybe you’ve heard the news: a little over a week ago, Apple Computer released a new version of their operating system, Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. A lot of people were quick to weigh in about it—from the idiotic to the thoughtful to the amazingly in depth and technical. I installed Mac OS X 10.4 on my PowerBook on Friday, and on my iMac G5 today. With my thorough testing of the operating system over […]

Wearing your thoughts on your face


To celebrate the demise of the illness that had pervaded my life the past couple of weeks, I went out Thursday night with some folks. At some point in the evening, the subject of age came up. Ben asked Rick to guess his age. Rick was correct. Because I’m becoming fascinated by this question, I asked Rick to guess my age. Rick is one year younger than myself, but he fully underestimated my age by […] redesign rollout

design is doing a limited rollout of a new design for their website. I noticed recently that when I view their site from my broadband ISP at home that it still has the old look, like so: but if I view from on campus, it has the new style. I like the new style a lot, although I’m not fond of the dense 31 category drop-down menu that shows when you hover over the […]

When Communism invades a community


Seen elsewhere: When Communism invades a community, it destroys free enterprise by monopolizing goods, services, and employment. It destroys free enterprise by creating a monopoly which provides food, clothing and other goods once supplied by privately-owned small businesses. The people in turn are forced to work for that monopoly at a wage at or near poverty. Their choices are limited to the cheaply-made goods provided by other Communist manufacturers through their employer. These products are […]

Hanging out with Robi & Friends


I’m hanging tonight with Robitussin-DM and The Portable Nietzsche. Spent the ENTIRE day sleeping, which if I hadn’t been miserable would have felt really good. So tonight we’re to bed early, and hopefully early to rise. I have to go back to childhood to remember a time I’ve been this sick. Oh Dear. Thanks to everyone who has sent along encouraging words. As a thank you, here is a Rainer Maria track in MP3 called […]

Channeling Proust


We’ve been doing our best to channel the spirit of Proust this week. As this wretched thrashing of the spirit continues, we spend much contemplative time in bed, writing notes and letters into our laptop, to be printed at a later date when we’re all well enough to ask someone to go to the post office and buy stamps for us, for our supply has run quite dry. In between bouts of coughing and sips […]