Month: April 2005

Ode to a healthier day


This illness has us in its grips. O Lord, bring some relief. Until we regain our youthful energies, we leave you with this New York Times article that answers the question: where the fuck is my iPod?

Corporate Communication at Six Apart


Last night Jason Kottke posted a meditation on this essay. Towards the end of Jason’s post he took a swipe at Six Apart, the company that makes Movable Type, which is the software that powers this blog. Mena Trott, one of the founding partners of Six Apart, responded at length within hours of Jason’s post. My analysis of this situation has less to do with the substance of their argument but rather an observation about […]

A diversion


I don’t often get sick, but I’ve been hashing out a cold the past few days. Tonight I’m feeling better, but sleep escapes me. If you’re up late or reading this in the morning, click the link below for a fun little quiz to determine what type of American English you speak. Enjoy. My results were as follows: Your Linguistic Profile: 70% General American English 15% Upper Midwestern 10% Yankee 5% Midwestern 0% Dixie What […]

Peter Turnley, photojournalist


It’s homage week here at Manufactured Environments. First we paid homage to James Tate the poet on Monday. Today we’re going to point out that Peter Turnley is a really nice guy. Even if you don’t know who Peter Turnley is, you’ve most likely seen his photos. He has photographed nearly every conflict over the past twenty years worldwide. He’s known for his portraits of refugees. I had the opportunity to hang with Mr. Turnley […]

How The Pope Is Chosen


Someone reminded me today of the poem by James Tate called How The Pope Is Chosen. I looked on my book shelf tonight, and indeed did find it in Worshipful Company of Fletchers. James Tate is awesome. He did a poetry reading a few years ago on campus, and he totally blew me away. I’m totally impressed with his stuff. He’s got an odd sense of words that I really like. He’s the first serious […]

In the spirit of blogging


Matt Butler thinks I delivered a low blow by pointing out that his blog had not been updated in months. Rather a gentle nudge, thinks I, to get him to post. The solution to the comment spam problem he’s encountered is fairly simple: upgrade to the current version of WordPress. Hey, it’s free (as in beer)! One thing I do enjoy is reading other people’s blogs. I subscribe to Matt’s RSS feed (and 98 others) […]

Blog Vacation


I’m here in the lobby of the Hilton St. Louis Airport. The sign in the photo reads “Posh Dining Area”—just in case you were wondering what kind of dining area it is. Back to our regularly scheduled blogging soon.

I’ve got something to put in you…at the Gay Bar!


I wrote about this first in 2003, but I just have to share this with you once again: it’s the song Gay Bar by Electric Six as enacted by flying Viking Kittens. Make sure your speakers are on and turn them up. Enjoy! Let’s start a war…start a nuclear war…at the gay bar gay bar gay bar….whoew! And once you’re done with Gay Bar, check out some of the other fun at

All Happiness. All Love. All The Time.


Welcome to the non-stop Love Parade going on here at Manufactured Environments. We love all you readers—especially the multitudes grabbing our RSS feeds. We’re happy that you’ve chosen to visit us today. Do you feel good? We hope you do. Maybe after soaking in that bubble bath, you’ll be so kind as to stop by our Contact page and say Hi! Just to show our appreciation to all of you wonderful people, here are a […]

Internet2 under attack from RIAA


Internet2 is a high-speed version of the Internet available at research institutions such as the university I work at. The RIAA claims this high-end network is rife with file-sharing going on by students. “We cannot let this high-speed network become a zone of lawlessness where the normal rules don’t apply,” said Cary Sherman, president of the recording association. The WSJ is running an AP article (subscription req’d) with all the gory details. Update: Story freely […]