Month: March 2005

A Toilet for Purists: Thanks, Kohler!


Sam Teigen, our long lost man in The City, has become something of an expert on toilets. We heartily commend him for doing this job. At any rate, he points to a delightful little unit from Kohler called The Purist Hatbox Toilet. I think it’s one of those love it/hate it deals, but I definitely love it. doesn’t have the Purist® Hatbox™ unfortunately, otherwise it would earn a choice spot on my wish list. […]

Happy Belated Bunny Egg Day


Bunnies don’t lay eggs, but they do for Easter. I’m back in town after a few days on the road. Feels good to be back. More to come. But in the meantime, I leave you with the True, Unadulterated Story of how the Sosumi sound on Macs came to be.

Highbrow Lament: Classical Music Online


The WSJ had two great articles on Monday about music in the digital era. Robert J Hughes writes of the problems of being a classical music lover (subscription req’d) with an iPod. There is a paucity of online offerings for classical music, which I can attest to. Places like iTunes Music Store tend to have just the popular stuff, and their catalog does not run very deep. (I just did a search for Steve Reich. […]

Drum n Bass


iTunes seems to have a fascination tonight with my collection of drum n bass music so I thought I’d share with you this particular subgenre of electronic beat music. Electronica has always been about the subgenres and microgenres…little nuances that constitute a whole different crowd depending on the Dj and the music. Drum&Bass is IMO more aggressive and has bigger beats. It’s bodymovingmusic. Here a definition of drum n bass courtesy of Wikipedia. There are […]

Boys and their toys


Boys and their toys, originally uploaded by dreadfuldan. I went to SXSW Interactive last year, and this is exactly what it looked like. The front and back rows were swarmed with geeks and their powerbooks. Note the use of the Official Geek Uniform of jeans and black t-shirts.

Sifry on the State of the Blog


David Sifry, CEO of Technorati, has an interesting series of posts on the State of The Blogosphere. By interesting I mean if you like looking at charts and graphs, which I know you definitely do. He talks first about the growth of new blogs. Oooh, that was good, no? Okay, then he talked about how much we’re blogging including some interesting spikes over the past year or so. Wow. This is fun isn’t it? I […]

Rock’s Oldest Joke


The Wall Street Journal has a great article about the history of people yelling “Freebird” at concerts. Freebird, of course, is an old Lynyrd Skynyrd song, and calling it out as a request seems to be a staple. What struck me as interesting about this article is that it traces the history of Freebird back to Chicago of the late 80’s.

Latte Art


latte poured by Kyle at Victrola Coffee, originally uploaded by tonx. Sometimes your barista outshines herself and creates wonderful art on the surface of your latte. Here’s a fabulous gallery of photos on flickr of latte art. [thx, bb] If you’re interested in making your own artwork, read this latte art guide from CoffeeGeek. They also have some samples—I love the etched designs.


Scott is about to celebrate a year on the blog, and I was reminded of conversations I had with him around this time last year. Scott gets into his music like I do. Talking about music so much last year reminded me of a lot of great music from the 80s and 90s that I wouldn’t mind hearing again. Yeah so? Maybe you too have gotten past the college years and are remembering music from […]