Month: February 2005

Everybody’s bloggin’ these days


Seems like there’s been a rash of blogging happening lately. Back in 1996 everybody had to have a Homepage. Ooooh, the hallowed Homepage. The New Style of course is the blog. Ooooh, the Blog. At any rate, I think the Blog is an improvement over the Homepage if only because most people’s blogs tend to use other people’s templates that look far better than when they were trying to do their own Homepage designs. The […]

iTunes + Firefox: The little things matter


I love it when programs that you know and love continue to get better. I’m recently reminded of that by two small but very nice additions to iTunes and Firefox. In iTunes for Windows, they’ve added a mini-player to the task bar, if you want. This is great. When you minimize the iTunes window, a little player shows up at the bottom of the screen. It can skip a tune, change the volume, etc. Simple, […]

The WSJ Online: irrelevant?


Wired News has an interesting opinion piece entitled Whither The Wall Street Journal? that claims that the WSJ has become irrelevant because their online content is locked behind the wall of paid subscriptions. As a subscriber of the print edition and having grown up reading the WSJ, I can say that the Wall Street Journal is by far the best paper out there. The WSJ is a paper that I’ve always grokked deeply. The type […]

Culture Clash in Arizona


In the continuing copyright saga taking shape on the internet and elsewhere, an Arizona student will be doing hard time for copyright infringement. News blurb via Edupage, an electronic publication of Educause. ARIZONA STUDENT SENTENCED FOR COPYRIGHT VIOLATIONS A student at the University of Arizona who pleaded guilty to unauthorized possession of copyrighted movies and music has been sentenced to three months in prison, three years’ probation, and 200 hours of community service. The 18-year-old […]

librarian in tow


I read a variety of blogs and weblogs via RSS feeds over at One thing Bloglines does is recommend blogs based on your current subscriptions. Based on the 84 or so feeds I currently subscribe to, Bloglines feels I should be reading a lot more library-oriented blogs. I don’t subscribe to any librarian blogs though I used to work for a certain university’s library. Could it be that Bloglines has sussed out a secret […]

Time to get a life


The San Francisco Chronicle has a great article about the vicissitudes of blogging—focusing especially on why people stop blogging. The summation of the journalist’s point is that for dedicated bloggers there is no “end.” Blogging is something that people leave and come back to at a later point. I’d add that for some people blogging comes naturally, and when events in your life shift it may make it difficult to maintain a blog. But I’ll […]

The Rubik’s Cube of Conversation


One thing I’ve noticed in my travels is that when being introduced to people in big cities, they are often in a hurry to size you up. I like to call it the Rubik’s Cube of Conversation. Here’s how it works: After being introduced to someone or striking up a conversation, the person will ask you several questions to size you up. In my experience, it usually works out to be about three questions. It’s […]

What if? The Apple Equation


When it comes to computers, Apple’s big selling point used to be the operating system. That was in the Mac OS 9 and before days. You could compare Windows 3.1 and the Mac OS, and it was very clear that the Mac was a superior operating system. Mac OS X is still a selling point, but not in the same way Mac OS

Sneak Peek: Manufactured Fotos


I’m pleased to give my regular readers a sneak peek at what’s happening over in the photography area of this website. Check out Manufactured Fotos, a new fotoblog. Obviously, I’m still working on the templates, and I’m adding my existing fotos into the blog framework. But with RSS syndication, it’ll be even easier to keep tabs of when fotos are going up on the site. So take a look and enjoy.

RSS 1.0 + Atom 0.3 feeds are going away


Rather than maintain three separate syndication formats for this website, as has been the case for the past couple of years, I’m downscaling to just RSS 2.0. That means that my RSS 1.0 (index.rdf) and Atom 0.3 (atom.xml) feeds are going to go away. If you subscribe to either one, please update your links to: That’s the RSS 2.0 feed, and the one that will be active.