Month: January 2005

Read any good books lately?


A friend writes, “I am looking for some good books to read—have any suggestions?” Below were a couple of suggestions I made off the top of my head. What books would you recommend? If you’re looking for some (serious) French fiction, here’s a good book that I recommend:Michel Houellebecq: The Elementary Particles For something light and British, try: Anything by Nick Hornby (About A Boy or High Fidelity esp.) Something edgier and American: You might […]

Getting ready


I’ve been getting my travel itinerary ready for the spring. Things are starting out with a trip to Washington DC next week, St. Louis in April, and Austin TX in June. Time permitting, I may go to SXSW again in March. I had a great time at that conference last year. We’ll see. At any rate, I’m sure to have a camera along, so expect more updates on the fotos pages. I’m still working to […]

Note from The Management


Pardon our mess as we integrate our non-blog website content into the body of the blog. Now that everything will be part of the blog, I suppose the name The Daniel Stout Website is even more (intentionally) anachronistic. Any suggestions? How about The Daniel Stout Electron Snowdrift. I hit upon a good idea yesterday. I had noticed that the work involved in doing a site-wide redesign was getting to be pretty arduous. I had the […]

The sea became strangely agitated


At about a quarter to eight (yesterday) the sea became strangely agitated. Thinking of the earthquake which had occurred some three hours before, one was inclined to conclude that the convulsion of the earth had been submarine and not far distant from us. The seabed appeared to be casting violently off the superincumbent mass of water and driving it to the shore. The Grand Harbour is protected by the breakwater; the tidal wave rushed unchecked […]

2004 A Great Year for Blogs


The latest word is that the number of people reading blogs rose 58% last year, and 32 million Americans are reading blogs now. 6 million people are using RSS readers of some form. And 8 million people have created a blog. Here’s a quote: “Blog creators were likely to be young, well-educated, net-savvy males with good incomes and college educations, the survey found. This was also true of the average blog reader, although the survey […]

2004 Year-End Review


Since it’s now 2005, I decided to have a look at some statistics culled from the enterprise over the past year. This is more for my records than anything else, but I thought I’d share. Top 10 Search Engine Searches for 2004 (in order) free itunes songs trip shakespeare bats daniel stout show desktop icon problems with the patriot act soy latte website hacking haunting desire cairo, egypt Top 5 Browsers for 2004 Internet […]

Change Your Links: We’re now broadcasting from


Hi, folks — If you’re reading this blog on the web or via RSS than you may have already noticed that is being phased out. Links to ManuEnvi are already being redirected at this point. So update your bookmarks to our new home in the electrons: If you subscribe to my RSS feeds, update your links as follows: RSS 2.0: Click the button to subscribe with Bloglines: The contact email address remains […]

Doctorow refutes DRM arguments


Cory has some interesting points posted over on bOINGbOING refuting arguments that are being made in the DRM space. I especially liked his lead: For starters, any market-correction for DRM will surely involve informed customers making good purchase decisions about the DRM in their devices. That’s what this debate is all about. The implicit, “Stop complaining and let the market sort it out” in these comments ignores the fact that complaints about DRM are vital […]