Month: December 2004

Grammar on the Internet: The Parenthetical Emoticon


Most people who use email and instant messaging have used emoticons at some point. What’s an emoticon? A smiley. Like this ๐Ÿ™‚ or this ๐Ÿ˜‰ and there are many more. These types of emoticons tend to obfuscate parenthetical comments within a text. If you are placing an emoticon with parentheses, what then is the proper usage? First, a couple of examples: John is a cool kid. (He talks way too much though.) He started a […]

So long to My Dog Meg


Hope you all had a nice Holiday. I’m back in town, and this being a college town, the streets are deserted. I’m sorry to see tonight that one of my favorite blogs, My Dog Meg, which was written by Shannon Hale, is no more. She writes: my desire to keep up this site has, after nearly four years, fizzled out. when it gets to two months between posts, it’s time to move on. Looking back […]

iTunes + Christmas = Err


Apple’s iTunes is a fun little program. It’s definitely faster on my Mac, but here I was on my PC wanting to paste the song titles of a playlist into Microsoft Word. I was looking at the playlist in iTunes, hit Ctrl-A to select all, Ctrl-C to copy. I fired up Word and did a Ctrl-V to paste. Oops! Immediately my computer started inserting 20 MP3 files (my playlist) into the Word document. Things ground […]



I hope you’re all feeling in the festive spirit. J and I did some last minute Christmas shopping this weekend. There were tons of people apparently doing the same thing. I’ll be out of here Thursday morning for a little R&R with the relatives. The big thing at work right now is that our department is moving to a brand-new building on January 3rd. It’s a busy time. At least the semester is over though, […]

Let yo’ soul stand bomb diggity


“Let yo’ soul stand bomb diggity โ€˜n composed before a million universes n’ shit.” At least, that’s what the Snoop Dogg Shizzolator makes of the legend on this website (a Walt Whitman quote by the way). Funkify your website with this smooth operator. To get an idea, check out the shizzolation of Funny thing is I remember something like this on my old Mac circa 1997 or 98. There was this funny little extension […]

Wal-mart sued for selling dirty, filthy music


In the curiosities cabinet for today, we’ll note that wal-mart is getting sued because a CD by Evanescence it sells in its stores contained the f-word. As you know, wal-mart makes a point of selling “clean” versions of albums. The lawsuit points out that wal-mart apparently knew about the errant word because it was edited out on versions of the song that appeared on the wal-mart website. News article at Yahoo. I’d rather see someone […]

Totally not subtle


I know you’ve been enjoying reading this website for a while. You’ve come to enjoy the repartee I have with myself. I know you’ve also been saying, “Who is this fabulous guy they call Monsieur Stout?” And, “I so appreciate his website, I’d like to do something for him.” Well, the Holidays are coming up, and my own personal preference would be to get a letter from you. I love getting mail. But the internet […]

Some Underworld for y’all


Fans of Underworld, the electronica group, will be pleased to note that they’ve got some major free download action going on over at their website. Three old live shows, studio projects, video filesโ€”a whole cornucopia of stuff. They’ve split it up into two archives: Archive 1 and Archive 2. Their main site is over at Maybe all this free music is a sign that Underworld is over with. Darren Emerson left. They released a […]