Month: November 2004

It’s the weather


It was an inspiring sight this morning in Iowa City. A snow had fallen overnight. It was a wet snow that clung to the trees. Everything was white as I drove to work. Beautiful. Tonight I’ve still got that image in my mind. It’s inspired me to make another Holiday mix this year. Instead of avant garde classical as I did last year, I’ve got the weather on the mind. Note the themes in the […]

Hapy Thnksving


Happy Holidays, everyone! I’m sending this message off from the past into the future. I will be away from the computer most of the long weekend. Until I return, many wishful wishes of wishing a wish upon a star and this.

The mailman’s bad day


My neighbor dropped by this evening to give me some mail for me that the mailman had put in his mailbox. The mailman was having a bad day, he suggested. Or maybe the mailman just got tired of delivering all of the junk mail they send me. The misdirected mail from today included 4 (four!) credit card offers, a telephone offer from Working Assets, and something from “Explore Minnesota Tourism” enticing me to “Order your […]

Senate Approves Stricter Copyright Legislation


For those of you following the copyright wars, here’s the latest salvo via a news blurb from Edupage, an electronic publication of Educause: A bill passed by the U.S. Senate expands certain protections for copyrighted material but excludes proposed language that would have made file trading on P2P networks a criminal offense. Under the bill, which is similar to one already passed by the House of Representatives, those found guilty of videotaping movies in theaters […]



Have a look; we redesigned Manufactured Environments. We’re still using CSS for layout and XHTML 1.0 Strict. If you encounter any quirks, let us know what browser/platform, and if you can send a screenshot that would be great. Also, we rolled in trackback functionality—so perhaps we’ll have trackbacks, if everything is working. Screenshots: old design. new design.

The Crack Cocaine of Chocolate Bars


Jose points to some Italian chocolate that’s the equivalent of crack cocaine. He writes: it’s made using old processes to produce a unique chocolate bar unlike any other, and one that’s extremely addictive. the bar is not heated so hot that the sugar melts, so you have a crystalline mixture of cocoa and sugar and spice. The chocolate is made by Antica Dolceria Bonajuto. Sounds great. Care to send me a bar, Jose? In other […]

The Grey Video


Remember DJ Danger Mouse’s Grey Album? I wrote about it back in February here and here. The people hosting the Grey Album sound files are getting harassed by various lawyers so download them while you can. But the special icing on the cake for all you hipsteristas is The Grey Video, a fine, fine mashup of Beatles & Jay-Z footage. It’s a blast. Watch the Grey Video while you can. Update: The site is […]

Tainted Anagrams


I put my name, Daniel Stout, into the Internet Anagram Server, and it came up with “tainted soul.” Oh, dear. At least that’s better than Dori Mondon’s who put the “odd in moron.”

Buy our Jumbotron on eBay!


The University of Iowa where I work is selling the scoreboard and Sony Jumbotron from the football stadium, Kinnick Stadium, which seats 70,000. What’s interesting about that is the athletics department decided to sell it on eBay. Check out our University of Iowa Jumbotron on eBay. There’s only two days left on the auction so bid now. Bids of $10K+ and higher are now being accepted! FYI, I checked around and this is official. The […]



I’m back from the conference and back from my post-conference vacation. Feels good to be home in the City. We’re going to a men’s basketball game this aft. But damn, it got cold here while I was away. Time to fish out the winter coats. In the meantime, enjoy this little piece over at Andrea’s site, entitled A Day in the Life of Joe Republican.