Month: October 2004

A moment’s reflection on change


Friends took me out for cocktails and dinner tonight to celebrate. I had the baked penne (con la salsiccia.) This is my last week on the job. I’ll be starting a new job soon. Tonight I’m thinking of this big change in my life and am looking forward to it. There is a hint of heaviness in my heart though. It will be hard to say goodbye to the people I’ve worked closely with over […]

That good old timey industrial musik


Do you ever sit around thinking, “I’d love to hear some of that old timey Eastern European industrial music from the 1980s?” Come on, admit it! Well, as if I just read your mind, I’m compelled to mention that Laibach’s 2-disc greatest hits collection is now available. Yes, indeed, Laibach. Remember them? They were the Slovenian guys who did a cover of the entire Let It Be album by the Beatles with the exclusion of […]

Voting by Absentee Ballot


Do you have plans for November 2nd? What’s on Nov 2 you ask? I’ll be at Vito’s watching the results come pouring in. I’ve done my duty for this election. In Iowa, one can easily vote by absentee ballot. That’s what a lot of people here are doing this year. It’s an involved process with envelopes that go in envelopes that go in envelopes. If you haven’t registered to vote already in Iowa, it is […]

Betty Blue on DVD this Tuesday


One of my all-time favorite French movies is being released on DVD in the U.S. on Tuesday. Not only are they releasing the film, but it is the famed director’s cut, which is three hours long. Betty Blue is the story of Zorg and Betty. Zorg is a mechanic and would-be writer and Betty his girlfriend. It’s a great film. I’m anxious to see the film again. A local video shop has it on VHS, […]

Shaking Down the World


The fight against file traders had another round in the international community. The IFPI filed 459 lawsuits against individuals in various European countries. In the U.S., the RIAA is appealing the Grokster ruling to the Supreme Court. That’s the one that says the Peer To Peer networks are not liable for the content transmitted on their systems. Basically, the RIAA wants to make all P2P activity illegal regardless of legitimate uses. Here’s a news brief […]

iTunes serves up Kerry and Bush and Edwards and Cheney


In conjunction with, the iTunes Music Store is offering free downloads of last Thursday’s presidential debate between John Kerry and George W. Bush. I see they’ve also added last night’s debate between John Edwards and Dick Cheney. Free downloads for the asking. Either click the link on the front page (while it’s there) or search for “presidential debate” and you’ll get links to both debates. Here’s a link to the first presidential debate: Here’s […]

Sue, Sue, Sue ’em all


In the latest salvo from the RIAA, 762 people are being sued. Again they’re targeting university students who have access to very high speed connections. Here’s a blurb from the Chronicle via Edupage, an electronic publication of Educause. RIAA ADDS MORE LAWSUITS TO THE TALLY The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has filed another round of lawsuits, this time targeting 762 individuals suspected of illegally trading files on the Internet. The group’s lawsuits over […]

Bloglines here I come


We’re hanging out waiting for the Iowa/Michigan State game to start. It’s Homecoming weekend here. The parade was yesterday, but it was raining and cold. J and I decided to skip it this year. In other news, I changed my RSS newsreader. After using it for a couple of weeks, I can heartily recommend I’ve seen other browser-based RSS newsreaders and thought them hideous. Bloglines is different. It’s nice to look at, and the […]