Month: August 2004

RIAA is at it again


The RIAA is continuing its assault with 744 people sued this time. Articles here and here. Teenagers of America, beware! The other perhaps more positive news is that there are some new music sites coming online soon. Microsoft is coming online soon with a music service. Yawn. But more exciting is the fact that Hewlett Packard will be selling HP-branded iPods soon. That’s pretty interesting. Article here. Steve Jobs originally said the HP iPods would […]

XP SP2 installed and all is calm


I suppose I could have installed Windows XP SP2 a while ago. In fact, I had downloaded at some point the installer from, but I decided to wait until the update came through over Windows Update. It is my understanding that Microsoft was gradually rolling out the SP2 update. Anyway, today was the day it showed up in Windows Update. Before the Install: I left work around 5:30 to go to a board meeting. […]

Frank Conroy to retire from Iowa Writers’ Workshop


The big news in town today—besides being the start of the academic year—is that Frank Conroy will be retiring from his post as head of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop here at the University of Iowa. Conroy has headed up the Writers’ Workshop, which is the oldest in the nation, since 1987. The Workshop was started in 1936 and was the first graduate degree writing program in the country and is still the most prestigious. Associated […]

Some programs seem to stop working – XP SP2


Here’s a Knowledge Base article that lists applications that need to have some intervention after installing Service Pack 2 for Windows XP. My original comments while beta testing SP2 can be found here. A few people have said that their systems run slightly faster after installing SP2, but I haven’t heard any hard numbers about that so I’m guessing that it’s more imaginary than anything concrete. To date, I’ve managed to not have a spyware […]



It’s Friday morning and the countdown is on. It’s close enough now that you can count the hours until the start of the academic year. Classes start here on Monday. There’s been a dramatic increase in the amount of traffic in my building this week. Students are checking out their surroundings. The 30,000 students who attend the university are in town, moved in to their apartments and dorms and more or less ready for another […] takes note


Recently I wrote about words like weblog, website, and email and the rather conservative views most media outlets have on the printing of these. On one day in July on page B1 the Wall Street Journal had both Web Log and Web Site in two separate headlines. Of course, this is a newspaper that also renders IBM as I.B.M. Anyway, little old is getting with the program and has decided that the word “internet” […]

SP2, should you stay or should you go?


Microsoft is doing what it can to plug the security problems in Windows, and if you use a Windows XP machine perhaps you’ve heard of the impending Service Pack 2, affectionately (or not) known as SP2. Early reports are mixed. I beta tested SP2 earlier this year (for which I received some (free) software) and only had some minor glitches with it. At that point, the firewall implementation was better than the previous (virtually nonexistant) […]

If you need a little push against Bush


From the website One Thousand Reasons, here are actually 1,496 reasons (as of 9:15pm today) to vote against Bush, as if you needed the encouragement. My favorite reason to vote against Bush from this list isn’t exactly one of the reasons but rather a word: HUBRIS. The word hubris is mentioned thirteen times in the text of this list. The dictionary on my desk defines hubris as “exaggerated pride or self-confidence.” If you’ve read the […]

iPod vs. Cassettes


You’ve probably been mulling this over: should I buy an iPod or should I stick with cassettes? Here’s a funny little photo essay looking at the pros and cons of both formats. Take a look.

Amazon gets its wires crossed


Here’s one for the files: sent me an email today suggesting a book based on my previous purchases. They had a little picture of the book cover and an excerpt from a Publishers Weekly review of the book they were trying to sell me. The review begins: Disorganized and confusing, —–‘s program for achieving personal and professional success often seems more like a maze…. And it continues on from there. Amazon bothered to send […]