Month: July 2004

John Kerry


John Kerry says: Go to! Overall, it was a great speech. John Kerry was passionate and convincing and forceful. He articulated his vision for an America that is honest and compassionate. He rose to the occasion tonight.



I’m watching the Democratic Convention in Boston, and I’m feeling energized. I participated in the Iowa Caucuses in January and helped put Mr. Kerry into the forefront. But now November is getting near and it is the time to get active and get involved. Be a volunteer or contribute to the Kerry campaign. I watched Fahrenheit 9/11 this weekend, and it was good—really good. If you haven’t seen the movie, do yourself a favor and […]

Movies and Outlook


Last night we watched a movie called Swimming Pool. But what I really want to watch is this. [via diepunyhumans] In other news, the university is in the process of switching completely over to Microsoft for email and calendaring. So we’re using Outlook and Entourage in a big way now. The good news is that there’s a “lightning-fast” search plug-in available for Outlook from Lookout. Actually MSFT liked it so much they bought the company. […]

Whole Foods to IC?


The word on the street is that Whole Foods is coming to our fair city on the river. Maybe it’s true and maybe it’s not. But it’s interesting to think about the possibilities. Of course, the first reaction of an community minded person here is “What will happen to NewPi?” That is, the New Pioneer Co-op, the local dominator of the organic foods market. They’ve got their busy Iowa City store of course, and the […]

Web logs and Web sites


Jason Kottke reiterates his prior posting about the use of the term weblog. As we all know, the word blog is short for weblog. In the rarified world of newspaper copy editing (with only a hint of sarcasm), words like weblog become Web log. Kottke grieves over Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal, specifically page B1. In a headline the WSJ used Web log, as is their standard usage. But to most people of the technical persuasion […]

Dreams of you are in my head


I had a dream last night. I was sitting at a computer typing a search into Google. Instead of bringing me whatever I was searching for, there was a page of nonrelevant links—Google was returning junk. In recollection it seems more a fragment than a whole dream, but are any of you good at interpreting dreams? Any theories on the import of this dream imagery? Well, besides the obvious ones, such as “The dream means […]