Month: May 2004

Memorial Day – National WWII Memorial


Grandfather and Grandmother (and my mother) were in Washington DC this weekend for the dedication of the National World War II Memorial. Apparently the weather was mild and they had 20th row seats in a sea of two hundred thousand people. My grandfather served in Italy during the war in the 10th Mountain Division. A book published last year details the exploits of this elite unit. It’s called The Last Ridge: The Epic Story of […]

CSS all the way


In February of 2003, I relaunched my website with a CSS-only design. No tables. Last fall, I redesigned to the current design and started using a single main table again. Well, I’m proud to announce that I’ve gone to a CSS design again—maintaining the current design but eliminating the table and added CSS instead. What does this mean? Essentially that this website is using some of the latest methods available. For one thing, it makes […]

RIAA sues more people. Crazy!


As always, I bring you the news of more RIAA lawsuits via Edupage, a publication of Educause: The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) this week announced another 493 lawsuits against individuals for trading copyrighted files, bringing the total number of such suits to nearly 3,000. The RIAA continues to file so-called “John Doe” lawsuits against individuals whose identities it can then obtain from Internet service providers. The RIAA has settled more than 400 lawsuits […]

Graduation time


Last weekend was graduation time here. The undergrads got their BAs and BSes. The master’s students got their MAs and MSes and MFAs. And the doctoral candidates received their Ph.Ds. A happy time for all involved. Tomorrow morning my alma mater is holding their graduation ceremonies. I kind of wish I was there to hear the commencement address. Instead, I’ll just read it in the alumni magazine in a few months of course. But if […]

Movable Type 3.0


There’s been a lot of discussion online recently about Six Apart’s new pricing and licensing structure for the new version of Movable Type 3.0. Movable Type is the software that runs behind the scenes on this website and thousands of others. Previously it had been a free product with optional good-will donations. I’ve donated $40 to Six Apart for the use of this great piece of software. But times are changing. Some people are talking […]



“Elephant” by the White Stripes is on, or at least it was. It’s an okay album. But if you want to check out the White Stripes, you should definitely check out De Stijl. That’s still my favorite album by them overall. Dori over at Saranwarp is holding a little broadcasting experiment. Go over to her website and check it out. She’s got not such a bad taste in music, but the broadcast stream isn’t too […]



I’ve got After The Gold Rush by Neil Young on the stereo tonight, and it’s got me feeling all rootsy. What do I mean by rootsy? It’s an earthiness, a feeling of simplicity. I’m not a big Neil Young fan, but it’s hitting the spot tonight. I guess it’s a question of moods. This afternoon we were driving around town—it was sunny and 72 degrees. A great day. We were listening to Felix da Housecat […]

Eternal Spotlight on the Sunshine Mind


We went to a matinee of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind this afternoon. I’ve read some people’s comments about the ending—how it’s a powerful statement of love. I guess so. More captivating to me were those moments when Jim Carrey’s character is trying so desperately to hang onto his memories as they’re being erased. It was this—and not necessarily the ending—which was the true statement of love. I liked the scene in the book […]