Month: March 2004

File sharing lawsuits hit Europa


As if there weren’t enough lawsuits flying against file traders, recording industry associations in Italy, Germany and Denmark have filed lawsuits against individuals in a bid to take back the Internet from those meddling teenagers. 247 people stand accused in the first wave of lawsuits to hit outside the US. The NyTimes has an article here. (Reg. req’d.)

Space Trucking Mogul


Sunday night we headed over to the Performing Arts Center and caught a bassoon quartet—one of those curiosities of the world. For one piece they even added a fifth bassoonist playing a contra-bassoon, which plays a full octave lower than a regular bassoon. A bassoon quintet, who knew? Speaking of bassoons, Clark writes to say that he, after all these years, has his own domain name: We wish him well. And while you’re at […]

Sue ’em all!


There it goes again. The RIAA has sued 532 individuals, which includes 82 lawsuits against people who specifically used university or college networks to transmit copyrighted materials. Let’s call it the “Spring Break Surprise.” Here’s a news brief from Edupage, an electronic publication of Educause: NEW LAWSUITS FROM THE RIAA The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has filed another 532 “John Doe” lawsuits against individuals suspected of illegally trading copyrighted files, including 82 suits […]

Fenech Adami officially resigns


It’s the end of an era in Malta. Prime Minister Fenech Adami has resigned from office. Prime Minister Eddie Fenech Adami bid farewell to the House of Representatives yesterday in an emotionally charged statement that ended just over 35 years of a public career as MP, leader of the opposition, and prime minister. Article here.

Windows XP SP2 RC1


The other day Microsoft sent me a CD via Airborne Express of the beta of Service Pack 2 for Windows XP. The version they sent is Release Candidate 1. Scoble wanted feedback. Here you go. My overall impression is that it accomplishes what they set out to achieve—namely, to provide enhanced and centralized security features to Windows XP. Something new that Microsoft has added is the Security Center. This is a place where you can […]

Fotos of Austin


I rested up yesterday from the trip, but I did get at least one useful thing done. I’ve posted a few photos from Austin on the website. You can look at them over on the fotos page. It mostly encapsulates walking up to the state capitol and also walking to the University of Texas campus. The weather was cloudy more often than not during the trip, but the temperature was wonderful. I came back Wednesday […]

Back from Austin


My flight got in about 3:30 this afternoon. I’m back from Austin, Texas where I was attending the SXSW Interactive conference. I had a great time — met lots of interesting people and heard lots of interesting things. I’m too exhausted tonight to write more, but maybe tomorrow I’ll get around to writing up a wrap-up of my time down South.

SXSW Interactive (cont.)


It’s foggy here in Austin this morning. The panels get going at 10am. Joe Trippi, the former campaign manager for Howard Dean, is going to be speaking today. Looks to be some good sessions today. So far the panels I’ve been at have been well done – good speakers and interesting topics. I’ll be hitting “Blogucation 101: A Primer for Teaching with Blogs” later this afternoon. This evening are the Web Awards over at the […]

SXSW Interactive


I’m here in Austin, Texas for SXSW Interactive. My flight on American arrived at 11am yesterday. Sounds like some people who were traveling on United ran into delays. I had a few hours to kill yesterday so I walked up to the State Capitol and around the downtown area. I came from negative degree wind chills to the relative balmy Texas weather. It was dribbling rain yesterday, but Monday and Tuesday are going to be […]