Month: February 2004

XD38 – Nexus Personality


This is interesting. Somebody wrote a website that describes people such as myself. If you want to know more about me in the abstract, check this out — XD38 – Nexus Personality. [via MeFi] I suppose this is the type of stuff that gets covered in Personality 101 over there in the psych dept, but it’s still cool. Had lunch with J. yesterday. We headed over to the River Room. Careers was the topic of […]

RSS Feeds


Great article via the Associated Press on RSS feeds here. [via Scoble] In related news, my favorite free RSS newsreader for Windows, SharpReader, just got an update that includes Atom 0.3 support, which is a relatively new syndication format available on this blog and others.



Okay, after Grey Wednesday, Manufactured Environments is back to full color glory. The Grey action in general got good press here, here, and here and it raised awareness of the issue of sampling and copyright.

Grey Wednesday


As promised yesterday, today is Grey Wednesday here at Manufactured Environments. We’re protesting the heavy handed approach that Capitol has taken to DJ Danger Mouse’s The Grey Album, which is a remix of Jay-Z’s The Black Album using only samples from the Beatles’ White Album. The original protest day was yesterday, Grey Tuesday, but that seemed totally whack since it was Mardi Gras of all days. Time for celebration and color, in my opinion. So […]

Grey what?!


Some people are marking today as Grey Tuesday in the fight against the copyright cops for DJ Danger Mouse’s The Grey Album. I’ve already linked to online sources of said Grey Album, but it’s whack to make today Grey Tuesday. In case none of noticed, it’s Mardi Gras! Fat Tuesday! Today is a day for color and celebration! Me and J. are headed downtown in his Jeep, and YOU KNOW what music is going to […]

Red House Painters Tonight


I’m listening to Red House Painters Retrospective. It’s a great album—actually it’s a double disc collection; the second disc is filled with various demos and rare takes. And yet as I sit here listening to the music I wonder if the Retrospective is really quite as good as their 1993 self-titled album Red House Painters. It always seemed to me that the 14 tracks on this CD were along a story arc. The songs hung […]

Yet Again – Lawsuits


I have been dutifully reporting when the RIAA files against blocks of individuals. Well, oops, they’ve done it again. As cited in Edupage via Educause: The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has filed another 531 lawsuits against Internet users accused of illegally trading copyrighted music files. Because of a court decision last year, the RIAA can no longer subpoena the identities of alleged copyright infringers without filing a lawsuit. The RIAA’s strategy to deal […]

The Grey Album


Everyone’s been talking about The Grey Album. DJ Danger Mouse took Jay-Z’s recent The Black Album, and entirely remixed it with samples from The Beatles’ White Album. Copies of the Danger Mouse remix are circulating around the Internet. At the moment, you can find copies of it here and here.