Month: January 2004

Retrospective Conversion


I spent some time yesterday working on the blog. Namely, I was doing a retrospective conversion adding entries from two old blogs of mine. You’ll note now that my archives go back to February of 2000. The entries from 2000 were from, an old website of mine. And the entries from 2001-2002 were from The fishthing entries were done completely by hand at the time, and I wasn’t using any blogging software. By […]

Aquinas & the Stoics: An Ethical Philosophy Selector


I tried out the Ethical Philosophy Selector, and this is how it rated my answers: Aquinas (100%) Stoics (99%) Spinoza (89%) Cynics (78%) Aristotle (77%) Ayn Rand (70%) Jeremy Bentham (63%) John Stuart Mill (59%) Nietzsche (58%) St. Augustine (54%) Kant (52%) David Hume (51%) Jean-Paul Sartre (46%) Plato (44%) Thomas Hobbes (41%) Epicureans (40%) Prescriptivism (33%) Ockham (26%) Nel Noddings (19%) So I scored highly with both St. Thomas Aquinas and the Stoics. The […]

Tremendous – cont.


Thanks to everyone who kindly emailed after this post. A couple of the things that I had in mind have now come to fruition, and I can now share what’s been going on. First off, I joined the board of a local charitable organization. I’ll be serving a two-year term on the board. I also do the monthly newsletter and created and maintain a website for them. The other news is that I’m going to […]

532 Lawsuits from the RIAA


Here we go again. The RIAA has launched 532 lawsuits against individuals in their quest for total annihilation. Here’s a news brief via Edupage from Educause. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) filed 532 new lawsuits against computer users it accused of illegally distributing songs over the Internet. The suits are the first since a federal appeals court blocked the use of copyright subpoenas to identify the accused, who are labeled only by their […]

John Kerry wins Iowa City Precinct 16! (Update: And the rest of Iowa!)


I just got back from the caucus, and Kerry did well. In the first round there were twice as many people supporting Kerry than Dean. In Iowa City Precinct 16, where I voted, there were 9 delegates. In the final say, Kerry came away with 4 delegates, Edwards had 3, and Dean had 2. All the other candidates were eliminated in the first round for having less than 15% of the votes. After the first […]

Iowa Caucuses – Less than an hour


It’s less than an hour until the Iowa Caucuses. May the best man win. My friend J. nailed it on the head. She writes, “Seriously, it’s important. It’s also fun (well, it is for me, but I’m kind of geeky that way).” I totally agree. Voting is…well, fun. It’s also part of being a responsible adult, like it or not.

Iowa Caucuses Today!


As I’m sure you’re already aware, today is the Iowa Caucuses here in…Iowa. The caucuses are at 6:30pm. The Iowa Secretary of State has an address lookup service where you supposedly can find the caucus location for your precinct. I tried it, and it didn’t work—but I’ll put a link HERE so people can find it. If you’re in the Iowa City area, including Johnson County, you can find out your caucus location at the […]

it’s the most wonderful time of the year


You’ll notice the light posting over the past week. The two weeks or so before the semester begins are some of my busiest ones of the year. I’ve been working long days and on my days off to get everything done in time. Oh, did I mention the semester starts on Tuesday? Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, which is this Monday, is a holiday for everyone at the university. All the offices are closed. I’ll […]