Month: December 2003

Opposing RIAA Subpoenas and Canada


Once again, interesting news via Edupage, an electronic publication of Educause. CABLE COMPANY OPPOSES RIAA SUBPOENAS Cable company Charter Communications filed a motion in a federal appeals court to block the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) from obtaining names of Charter customers who allegedly shared copyrighted music over the Internet. The company cited a recent decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, which ruled that the RIAA cannot force […]

The Ear is Moving On


I realized tonight that on a subconscious level I’m completely done with holiday music for the season. Today I’ve been listening to Led Zeppelin’s three-disc live set called “How the West Was Won” (Thanks, Jane!), Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and finally, just about twenty minutes ago I put on “The Downward Spiral” by Nine Inch Nails, which I haven’t listened to in a long time. Oh, I did also give my Christmas mix CD a […]

Christmas 2003


Christmas 2003 – 25 December 2003 Happy Holidays from Daniel Stout c: = composed by | p:= performed by | cp: = composed and performed by TRACKS Hora ca la ursari cp: Taraf de Haïdouks Se vittorio si belle c: Claudio Monteverdi p: Red Byrd Vamuvamba p: Muungano National Choir, Kenya Twenty-four Preludes: 9. E Major, Presto c: Dmitri Shostakovich p: Vladimir Viardo El Sinaloense c: Severiano Briseño p: Kronos Quartet Kobold (Puck) c: Edvard […]

Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays, Everyone! And Merry Christmas if that’s your thing. Hoping you’re all having a pleasant time with family or friends. I’ve been here in the home country for the past week. Good cheer all ‘round!

Coffee & Cereal: A match?


This sounds either really good or really awful: Hubbards of New Zealand has a new cereal called Cafe au Lait. An innovative new cereal to combine your morning coffee with breakfast. Light aromatic coffee flavoured wheat flakes combined with crisp rice flakes and yoghurt-coated cornflakes. [via /.]

Björk – Play Dead


After listening to Björk’s first couple of solo albums, I went through a number of years of being björked-out. I lost interest. But then a few years ago I saw her in the movie Dancer in the Dark. What a great movie and a tremendous performance by Björk. It sparked my interest again. Recently I picked up Björk’s Greatest Hits on DVD, and suddenly I can really get into her music again. [Sidenote: the DVD […]

Bhutan Tome Named World’s Largest Book


The New York Times is reporting that Michael Hawley, an MIT scientist, has released the world’s largest published book. The 112-page book is 5-feet by 7-feet, weighs 133-pounds, and costs $2,000 to produce. Hawley is charging $10,000 for each copy of the book, the remainder of which will be given to charity. It is entitled “Bhutan: A Visual Odyssey Across the Last Himalayan Kingdom.” Article here. It’s available though here.



A CD arrived for me the other day, and it’s been cranked non-stop on the stereo ever since. It’s B.R.M.C. by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. This is good stuff. To someone who lived through 80’s alternative this feels like really familiar music. It follows the alternative vibe that bands like Interpol have started and branches out from there. B.R.M.C. sounds reminiscent of the Jesus & Mary Chain, but it’s more rock ‘n’ roll than J&MC. […]

No More SNL


I turned on the TV to watch Saturday Night Live and was greeted with an infomercial about kitchen knives. “What’s up?” I asked. Turns out Al Sharpton is hosting tonight, and NBC decided not to air SNL in Iowa because of the presidential caucuses. If you live in Iowa and have a TV, then you already know that the airwaves have been inundated with political ads for months. There’s no escaping caucus season in Iowa. […]