Month: November 2003

Fire Alarm


Winter suddenly appeared here in Iowa City yesterday. It’s FREEZING out. And of all days, a smoke sensor failed in the building where I work so the alarms went off and everyone had to pile out into the frigid wind for 20 minutes while the FD figured out what was up. The students have all Thanksgiving week off, so at least there weren’t too many people in the building at the time…

Playing the email catchup


It’s amazing how email just piles up. Even with my spam filters working overtime, there’s still a huge pile of messages to go through at the end of the day. Well, tonight I resolved to get caught up on my email, and that’s what I’ve been doing. So damnit, if you haven’t heard from me tonight, you’re not going to!

My RSS Feeds


With the addition of, I subscribe to 61 RSS feeds. That’s what I’m reading on a daily basis. What’s an RSS feed? Well, it’s a way to read frequently updated websites from one application. What sites do I read? Here’s my OPML subscription list, which you can import into most any RSS reader. What reader do I use? SharpReader, of course. It’s free and nicely implemented at that.

CSS Experts of the World Unite


I’m working on the CSSification of My main goal is to get rid of the main in my new design. But it’s not quite working properly. I’ve got a two-column table — and in the CSS version I’m floating left and I’m floating right, but the two columns are going to the far edge of the screen. I added a text-align: center to the body element, but still no dice. If anyone knows how […]

Wild Bill’s


According to Wild Bill’s Coffeeshop, you know you’ve had too much coffee when… Instant coffee takes too long. You don’t even wait for the water to boil. You introduce your boyfriend as your “Coffeemate.” You can jump start your car without cables You help your dog chase its tail. You answer the door before people knock.

Halloween Weekend


Here’s the stats from Halloween weekend: Iowa City Police officers charged 116 people at 12 downtown bars for underage drinking during the weekend. Police also arrested 16 people for drunken driving and cited 16 for being in a bar after 10 p.m. under the age of 19, from Thursday through Sunday. Twenty-eight people were arrested for public intoxication. Isn’t life in a college town fun?