Month: October 2003

Redesigns and CSS


So, I’ve trimmed up a few loose ends in the redesign. As stated on Monday, my XHTML now validates as well as the CSS file I’m using. One subtle improvement in my CSS is that I’m using a single CSS file for the entire site. A friend suggested that my menu with JavaScript rollovers could be implemented using some CSS. It’s a fine implementation. My only complaint is that there are variations in the way […]

Work on the New Design


Work continues tonight on the redesign. It’s tweaking time, folks. Of interest to web designers, the entire site now validates as XHTML 1.0 Transitional and valid CSS. I’ve also been gradually shifting more of the coding over to CSS. I’m still using a table for the body of the pages, but am working on a CSS version. I may have to read Eric Meyer on CSS to get it done though. Any suggestions from my […]

New Design


I’m pleased to announce that has a new look. Feel free to look around the site and see how this new design has taken shape. The entire process — from design conception to implementation — took three evenings of work, and went much faster than redesigns in previous years thanks to Dreamweaver and Movable Type templates. A special note to the people who read this blog via the RSS feed: Please stop in and […]

Legal Strategies and the RIAA


From Edupage (Oct 24, 2003), an electronic publication of Educause. STUDENT ENDS LEGAL CHALLENGE TO RIAA A Boston College student has given up her legal challenge to the Recording Industry Association of America’s (RIAA) subpoena to learn her identity in connection with alleged copyright violations. The student, whose identity has not been made public, had called the subpoena powers of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) unconstitutional and was fighting to keep her identity from […]

iTunes 4.1.1 for Windows


Apple released an updated version of iTunes for Windows. The new version number is 4.1.1. That’s a quick response from Apple, given that iTunes/Win was released only last Thursday. Apparently some people running Windows 2000 were having compatibility problems. As for me, I’ve made iTunes my default media player. Microsoft did away with play counts in Windows Media Player 9, and I’m glad to have them back. Apple also adds date/time last played for each […]

Blogging: The new journalism


Via email come a couple of links discussing the evolving role of blogging and “participatory journalism” within the larger world of the media. First, is NYU’s Jay Rosen asking the question “What’s radical about the weblog form in journalism?” Here’s the link. The other link is to “We Media: How audiences are shaping the future of news and journalism” written by Shayne Bowman and Chris Willis of Hypergene. Here’s the link.

Book sale


For people in Iowa City, the university libraries is having a book sale today and tomorrow. It runs today from 10:30 to 3:30 with shorter hours tomorrow (noon – 3:30). Hardcovers are $1 or $2, scholarly paperbacks are $1, and mass market paperbacks are 50 cents. Tomorrow, it’s $5 for a bag of books. Take what you will. The sale is on the second floor of the Main Library. Go in the north entrance and […]

Apple iTunes for Windows


On Thursday night, I downloaded Apple’s iTunes software, which is now available for Windows. I had been hoping to write an extended review of the software, but I think now I’ll hold off until the software is updated. If you read the support forums, some people are having problems with iTunes crashing their systems, and others can’t get into the Music Store. What I found was that iTunes was not playing well with Norton Internet […]

Here comes Act II


Well, as promised, the RIAA is launching its second wave of lawsuits against individuals. This time around they are giving the individuals involved prior notice before legal action is taken. Looks like 204 people are on the docket this time. There’s a NYTimes article published today here.

Spam across the world


Spammers can’t seem to decide what languages I know. For months now I have been receiving Chinese language spam from Taiwan with the occasional spam in Korean thrown in for good measure. I suppose I could run it through the babelfish to find out what they’re trying to sell me. But really, it’s spam. I just delete the fuckers. Lately though, the spammers seem to think Russian might be more my taste. My curiosity has […]