Month: September 2003

On A Dub Mission


I’m on a dub mission tonight. My subscription to is running out, and I’m trying to get a few more downloads in before it’s done. So tonight I’m downloading a sampling of the numerous dub albums they have. Dub is a style of reggae that features a heavy bassline. A friend in Los Angeles often sends me mixes of dub music, that I’ve come to enjoy. So now that my emusic subscription is going […]

listen to the librarians


Here’s an abstract of an article on CNET. This is from Edupage, an electronic publication of Educause. The headline is “LIBRARY GROUPS SIDE WITH P2P COMPANIES.” Five U.S. library organizations are expected to file an amicus brief in federal court supporting the position of peer-to-peer (P2P) companies Streamcast Networks and Grokster in their legal battle with the recording industry. Organizations signing the brief include the American Library Association, the Association of Research Libraries, the American […]

sparse, spare, lean


Ripping some more of my classical CDs tonight. Two big stacks are now down to half a stack. It just takes time to rip all this shit. I received two discs in the mail (which I have not yet ripped) — a Kronos Quartet disc and a disc of Poulenc. I just got back into town last night. I had spent four or five days traveling. Got to see some old friends from high school. […]

Ripping the classical


I’ve been ripping my classical CDs onto my hard drive the past few days. Fully half of my music collection is classical — including the 20th Century avant garde, which I’m so fond of. Everything else I have on CD has long been ripped to my hard drive, but I was way behind on the classical. And now I’m about 2/3rds of the way through the job. There’s still a stack of CDs on my […]

Rainy Day Activities


And so it’s been raining all day. It’s been a long, long time since it has rained here; we really needed it. So I’ve been doing some rainy day activities like scanning in some old photographs. Here’s a choice one from an old high school yearbook I found buried away at my parent’s house. I didn’t even realize I had these old yearbooks, I thought they had long ago been tossed aside. So click on […]

M. Ward and Amnesia


Tonight, I was listening to M. Ward’s End of Amnesia, an album that Sarah recommended to me. It’s sung with a hushed whisper (or is it a rasp?). Most of the album is just Ward and his guitar, but a few songs have other instruments. It’s all very quiet, but there’s a certain edge deep down. Something not quite settled. If this were electronica, it’d be called down tempo. It’s almost like folk but not […]

261 are sued by the RIAA


Well, as they promised, the RIAA today filed 261 lawsuits. There are two articles over at the New York Times here and here. The RIAA is definitely wanting to make examples of these 261 — that is, make them pay, and put the fear of God in everybody else. There is a really simple solution to this problem. Create a payment system for file sharers and let them trade. People love music (isn’t that obvious?), […]

Entropy is decreasing?


After dumping all of my documents into the “my documents” folder for the past year, some serious housekeeping was in order. Damn! That thing was messy. I finally went through this morning and cleared out a lot of drift wood and other stuff that washed up on the shore. Got it all pared down to the essential few GB’s of files that I needed. Some of it is old, like papers I wrote in grad […]

Repent Downloaders and Get Amnesty


The New York Times has an article about the coming lawsuits from RIAA. Apparently some users who were served subpoenas will be offered an amnesty if they agree to discontinue all use of peer-to-peer programs. But those who are getting sued will have no recourse. The article claims the lawsuits will start to be filed early next week.