Month: August 2003

ninety-nine percent


Tonight, Meat Beat Manifesto’s 99% is on the stereo. Thanks to the Special Someone who bought this for me off of my Amazon Wish List — it just arrived today. This is such a great album. Unlike many heavy-duty electronic albums from that time (it came out in 1990), 99% has stood the test of time. Many thanks. Blogging may be sparse for a few days as I head over to the Home Country for […]

Take me back to one more sushi bar


I was reading Rohde’s take on sushi and thought of my own recent experiences with sushi. It happened during my recent trip to Los Angeles. C & H took me too a Japanese restaurant one evening in Little Tokyo. The place was packed, but we soon got a table. I won’t say it was the first time I’ve had sushi, but it was one of the first. C & H, being something of regulars there, […]

A New Year, A New Beginning


With classes starting Monday, this week is usually one of the busiest of the year. Everything felt a little crazy, and my phone was ringing off the hook. But I’m not complaining. It’s good to be in demand. My weekend is pretty much taken care of for me. I’m off to work for yet a few more hours today and probably some more tomorrow. Gearing up for the fall semester is always a lot more […]

Show Desktop icon


They’ve been deploying new Dell desktops in my department at the university. It’s nice to have Windows XP at work since I’ve been using it at home for the past year and a half. (Dear Mac Users: I also use Macs…). Today someone asked me: “Whatever happened to that ‘Show Desktop’ icon in the Quick Launch bar?” Interesting question. I don’t normally show the Quick Launch toolbar so I hadn’t noticed it being gone. But […]

File Sharing


As you’ve probably heard, the RIAA is launching or about to launch some lawsuits against individuals. People have been serving notice. The subpoenas have been flying. But what will it all bring? Better anonymization in peer-to-peer clients? Perhaps. An end to peer-to-peer file sharing as we know it? Probably not. Some are taking the RIAA’s hint and have stopped sharing. Others are blazing onward. But at the end of the day the problem has not […]

Los Angeles Photos


There’s a slideshow of some photos I took in Los Angeles last month. Enjoy! There’s a few photos of Venice Beach, the Getty Center, and Mann’s Chinese Theater among other things. I’m feeling more ready for the fall semester than ever. The days are getting dark sooner. Most of the students are back in town. After my exciting visit to the Central Coast wine country of California, I decided to take a continuing education course […]

A Tale of Eric Meyer on CSS


Yesterday, I happened to be out at Barnes & Noble looking around. My purpose for being out at the mall was to find a pair of shoes. I wasn’t having much luck with the shoes though. So I stopped by B&N to take a break. I usually eschew the large stores, but Barnes has the largest selection of computer books in the area by far. So anyway I happened across a copy of Eric Meyer […]

Kill Rock Stars


We’re headed down to the Java House tonight. There’s been some signs of students back in town. Bless those students. They don’t run this town, but they make this town run. I’ve got the computer on “mix” tonight — listening to random songs from my collection. It’s pretty much habit now: when I buy a new CD, the second thing I do is rip it onto my hard drive. I spend enough time on this […]

2 Many DJs – As Heard on Radio Soulwax


When I was in Los Angeles, I picked up a couple of the infamous Soulwax releases, namely “As Heard on Radio Soulwax” by 2 Many DJs. Decent stuff and certainly n-JOIable. “As heard on Radio Soulwax” is a series of unpublished mix CDs. Mixes in the fine tradition of mixing beat mixed parts with relative classic music. So you have Salt N’ Pepa vs. The Stooges. Or how about Destiny’s Child vs. Nirvana. It’s the […]

But when you sleep, where do you go?


My blog’s feeling a little neglected. After a three week vacation, and then this week I’ve been dragging my feet a little — it still feels like summer… Damn, what’s up with that? Time to buckle down and get back to work. The summer is nearly over here in La La Land. In two weeks the semester starts and then the shit really hits the fan. I’m looking forward to it. In June it’s nice […]