Month: June 2003

the blues of summer nights


The blues is hot music. It belongs to the summer when the sun is sweltering. It belongs to long days sitting by the side of the road. And so tonight I’m listening to the blues and thinking of the South, thinking of the Delta. The day brought thunderstorms and quite a bit of rain. I decided not to bring an umbrella down to campus today because I’ve been longing to feel some summer rain. The […]

Clothes and soy latte redux


I went down and picked up some clothes for the Los Angeles trip. I needed a couple pairs of shorts and a couple of shirts. I went to Younkers first to look for shorts. I tried on several pairs but for some reason all of the shorts at Younkers looked really wide at the bottom. They were trim in the waist but the bottoms were flared out – almost skirt-like. Looking in the dressing room […]

A Striking Optimism


A few weeks ago I put up a new streaming mix that I called “Heartbreaks + Happiness.” I had been working on that mix since March and finally there at the end of May it was reaching fulfillment. But that version, alas, still had some rough edges that needed smoothing out. And so by June 11, I had a new vision for the mix. The mix garned a new name that reflected a striking optimism […]

Old brick and Gehry


Grrr. I’ve been breathing fire all day. M and I went for a long walk on campus along the river, and I excised some of those demons in my blood today. We were noticing that the people who mow the campus lawns aren’t too careful around that Frank Gehry-designed building encased in shiny, silvery metal because the panels were all banged up and scratched close to ground level. The art museum on the campus of […]

And the radio man says rock and roll lives


We’re listening to Ruby Vroom by Soul Coughing tonight. This is a good album. If my memory serves me correctly, this was their debut. Soul Coughing wasn’t the most prolific band, but they did some interesting music while they were still together. I especially like “Screenwriter’s Blues.” The use of an upright bass adds a bit of class, and the samplers add a modern feel. There’s a storm rolling in tonight. The windows are open, […]



Don’t get me wrong, but trees can smell really good. It’s a smell that for me brings back memories. Every time I go back to visit my alma mater — especially in late spring when things are blooming — the trees on campus are very fragrant. It’s the same way here in Iowa City. I love walking by the art building where you can just breathe in that smell. It’s a happy smell for me […]

Belly gonna git ya


Here’s a “wacky” Reebok ad [ ] of a runner chased by a big, big beer belly. “Belly belly belly belly’s gonna get ya.” This ad would definitely be a hit in my home state of Wisconsin where they drink lots of the stuff. Beer, that is. It’s in Quicktime. Tip of the hat to BoingBoing.

Heartbeats + Happiness


Heartbeats + Happiness – 11 June 2003 TRACKS Manu Chao – Trapped By Love Manu Chao – Le Rendez Vous Soul Coughing – $300 The Beautiful South – Song For Whoever The Decemberists – July, July! The Stone Roses – One Love Ilhan Ersahin – Girl The Soggy Bottom Boys – I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow Zwan – Of A Broken Heart The Stone Roses – Ten Storey Love Song Wilco – I’m […]

Orman in Fortune


Nothing like a little Chopin waltz to get the blood moving. I was reading the latest Fortune magazine tonight, and noticed a profile of Suze Orman, the personal finance guru. I have read one of her books mostly out of curiosity called The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom. It wasn’t a bad book. Fairly basic financial advice, though taken best with a grain of salt. Some of the book was straightforward financial material, but there […]

Another year marked


Wow. It was a fast 30th year. And now today I am one more. Today was the big 31st b-day. M. and I chilled out most of the day. We watched a good movie and otherwise were pretty relaxed today. M. got me a great gift — very thoughtful! — and had the coolest card with it. I don’t know where she got that card, but it was really damn cool. It had this translucent […]