Month: May 2003

The New Mix


I’m proud to announce that there’s a new mix over on the music page. It’s a full 79 minutes of great music via streaming Real audio. It’s called Heartaches + Happiness. Check it out! This one will be in the mail next week, friends, after I finalize the cover art for it. If you’re not on my mailing list, you can get yourself a copy of the mix CD by naming the group that contributed […]

Movies and Mixes


I said to M. let’s go to the Matrix two weeks after it opens — maybe a matinee. She said okay. I was determined not to read any reviews — to see the movie with as fresh of a mind as possible. But many, many people have felt the need to tell me how the movie is. And they all seem to come to the same conclusion more or less… as Chris from LA says, […]

A Little Help from my Friends


This message is mostly for my friends, near and far — Hey, Folks! I hope you’ve been feeling the love as much as I have. It’s been a good year. And now it’s time to bring on the summer fun. But just pause for a moment before you head out to the festivities and think about all you’re grateful for — especially think of all of those mix CDs that a certain someone has been […]

Anniversaries in Iowa City


This morning I’m touching up my PowerPoint for a presentation I’m doing on XML this week. Seems like the spring semester disappeared in a flash. We went to El Ranchero last night around 7pm and were seated immediately. It’s amazing how different this town is when the students are gone. Everything kind of empties out for a few months during the summer. The main thing I note with Memorial Day Weekend is the passage of […]

An evening on the town


M. and I started our Saturday evening at a downtown coffeehouse. It was simply amazing — we found the perfect table. I should note that this past weekend was also graduation time for the college students. The academic year is of course thrilling, but little things like finding a great table at the cafe or finding a choice parking spot on a Saturday night means a lot too. We headed over to the Atlas for […]

About A Boy


We watched About A Boy tonight on DVD. I enjoyed it as much as I did in the theater. As a single 30-year-old male, I hear some of Hugh Grant’s character’s inclinations. I’ve read the Nick Hornby book as well — and despite different endings — both are good. I think tomorrow I’ll watch 8-½ again just for the style of it. Oh that’s all for now. Good night.

I’m flying a kite


It’s been a busy day as always. I am laughing here heartily. Another day down, 25,000 more to go! Molly of Milwaukee sends a scan of her baby to be. Molly of SoCal sends an email of a trip to be. Chris of LA send an email of real jobs in the real world. Today was kind of exciting actually. It was the last official day of the academic year. There’s not much to be […]

Trip Shakespeare


Have I ever mentioned here how much I still enjoy Trip Shakespeare’s music? They were a little band out of Minneapolis and had a few albums in their day, of which Across the Universe is essential. On that album their best qualities come out — namely their vocal harmonies. Fantastic! I saw them live once or twice down at my alma mater — and they were a great band live. Lots of kinetic energy and […]



It just occurred to me the other day to get my travel plans solidified. J. was telling me at lunch today over at Mondo’s about some great fares she knew of. She sent me an email — I investigated and indeed the airfare was quite reasonable — much cheaper than anything you could find on Expedia or Orbitz or whatever. So I made a few phone calls and booked the tickets tonight. Exciting! I’m stoked. […]