Month: April 2003

Let’s get married and not tell anybody…


A friend sends photos and emails today of the holiday he and his wife took in Arizona. They’re an interesting pair. They’ve been together since early on in college back in 1990 or so. He wasn’t the “marrying” type — that’s too antiquated. And I think he convinced her of the same … for a long, long time. But The System, with a capital ‘S’, is heavily stacked in favor of those who get married […]

Apple Music


Apple has a new music store. Songs are $1 and can be burned to CD or downloaded onto an iPod. Unfortunately, the music is available only a Mac currently. Fortunately, the iPod is for Win & Mac. The Wall Street Journal had an article last week about the new music service from Apple and noted that it included exclusive rights to such artists as the Eagles and No Doubt. Apparently we’re not missing much. They’ve […]

Shake it, Martini


I bought a martini shaker today. Once I get acclimated again to the dry martini, I’m hoping John is going to invite me to his Wednesday Night Cocktails. News to come… Update: Thanks for the suggested recipes.

Geek Rock Video


Here’s a pretty funny video for all of you geek rockers out there. You’ll probably need a fast internet connection to get the full effect. In order to watch this video, you have to do the following: Make sure you have both Quicktime 5 and Flash 5. Go to Click on the big white “Enter” sign. Wait for the fancy dancy Flash splash page to go by (Broadband would be extremely advantageous). There will […]

Wknd Notes


Now that everybody’s back from ETCON, M. and I went for a hike this afternoon up along the Woodpecker Trail. And yes, we heard several woodpeckers. It was a beautiful day here — warm and sunny. The winter dragged on, but it finally looks like its hold has lessened. Tonight is Bend It Like Beckham.

New Music on


I was recently in contact with a former girlfriend from college, and of course I offered her some of my music mixes. You can find Mix 1 and Mix 2 on the music page. I’m sending her Mix 1: “Original Internet Soundtrack” and also an earlier mix called Soft as Fire: Songs of Love, which I’ve just added to this website as streaming audio. It has 79 minutes of the best modern classical music […]

Instant Messaging


After years away from it, I’ve rediscovered the joys of instant messaging. I used to believe that IM would interrupt more than provide a cohesive platform for communication. And at that time, that was probably right on. But now I’m challenging that belief and so far so good — it’s made it easier for people to contact me with a question or comment. Sorry, what’s IM? Instant messaging, for those who haven’t experienced it, is […]

The Soy Latte Challenge


The question on my mind: What soymilk makes the best soy latte? The reason: a vegan friend is coming to the city for a visit. The objective: to find a soy or rice milk that creates a flavorful substitute for actual milk — something that will froth effectively and look and taste beautifully. In the end, I tested three soymilks and one rice milk. I have ranked these according to their performance. #1 being the […]

Betty Blue


Dear Friends and Readers, I was delighted to learn the best French movie ever made may be released soon on DVD. According to Amazon, the studio has not made a final determination about whether to release it though. I quote from their website: The studio is currently not producing this title on DVD, but to be notified when it is available, enter your e-mail address at right. You’ll also be voting for this release; we’ll […]