Month: February 2003

CSS and Web Editors


In the realm of GUI HTML editors, CSS is a step backwards. Don’t get me wrong: I love CSS, but the Dreamweaver MX graphical interface for CSS is atrocious. I’m mostly self-taught in regards to CSS, but I’ve been using DWMX as my tool. Unfortunately, MX simply gives you a slice of the available options but is by no means complete. My main complaint is that the interface is simply difficult to use. It’s like […]



After last night’s entry mentioning the WSJ, I’ve gotten a couple of emails from folks questioning that paper in light of the WSJ’s editorial position on the coming war in Iraq. My response is that the WSJ is one of the best newspapers out there. I obviously don’t read it for political news — I would be reading the NY Times or Washington Post if I wanted that angle — and while I typically disagree […]



It’s really cold. I stayed home tonight and read the Wall Street J and this book I’m into titled “Unholy Ghost.” It’s a collection of essays, and fairly good at that. I drove about 5 hours yesterday back across hills and valleys to get back home. I find long-range driving to be conducive to thought — the long expanses of space allow a certain part of the brain to be opened — the subconscious. I […]

Lunch, Dinner and a Play


Tomorrow night I’ll be seeing this at the E.C. Mabie Theatre. The university puts on about 5 or so mainstage productions a year. When I was a grad student here, I used to buy season tickets because they were so cheap, and the plays were great. I did that again this year, and I’ve been really enjoying it. Death is in the news lately. First 21 people died at a club in Chicago on Monday […]

Photos & Friends


The red light is flashing several times a second. It is blinding, but I think I’ve gotten used to it over the years. When it doesn’t flash red, it flashes green. Red – green – red – green – red – red – green. Here’s to old friends. I was thinking tonight of an old friend from Los Angeles. He sent me photos today of he and his wife. I haven’t seen him in person […]



With the relaunch of the Daniel Stout dot com website comes a new mix CD fully 78 and a half minutes in length. The official version comes with fantastic cover art — to obtain a copy, write to me via the contact page. The mix is also available in streaming Real audio — go to the music page to stream the mix and look at the original cover art. If you’d like to create your […]