Month: April 2002

pulsating orbs.


thanks to everyone who emailed wondering where the blog had gone. it’s back up, and hopefully with the semester winding down i’ll have a little more time to blog a bit more. i finished reading a biography of simone weil the other day. quite good it was. written by francine du plessix gray. my current reading is a psychological study of the internet and a book by christopher hitchens. i also watched “mulholland drive” tonight […]

two weeks later.


it’s been interesting to see how my rankings have fallen, risen, fallen and risen again in google. it seems they don’t know what to make of my site. they re-index my site and that seems to have some substantial influence in the amount of search engine traffic on the site. what do they want from me? blood money? i’ve been working on some new material for the website. look for some new book reviews and […]

three weeks later.


three weeks later & what has happened? i’m still listening to “reich remixed” constantly. perhaps more importantly i’ve set about updating the website. i’ve created a new front page. i’ve also updated the music page somewhat — adding some mp3 files and adding a few more albums in my collection. at any rate, things are well. my career as an adjunct professor continues. the end of the semester is starting to come into sight, […]