Month: July 2000

A Chance Encounter


I was walking through housewares when I heard someone say, “Dan!” I turned and saw that it was C. She was shopping for a vegetable steamer. Her dilemma was whether to get the more expensive Krups model at the department store or to go over to Target and get the cheaper Salton. “Krups is a German company,” she said. “They know their design.” We talked about books and authors. She wanted to know my recommendations […]



Okay. I haven’t been keeping you up to date on what I’ve been reading lately so here it is. Right now I’m breezing through Noam Chomsky’s “Profit Over People” published last year as well as Milan Kundera’s “The Art of the Novel.” My impression of reading this Chomsky book is simply, why aren’t there more books like this? There is extended discussion of the WTO, US trade policy, gas prices, etc. Always interesting. Some of […]