Month: May 2000



Well, okay, I’m back. Yeah, I spent the past week traveling the midwest. It was okay, but it felt good to drop back into the style. I’ve been firming up my summer reading list and “Infinite Jest” has made the list. Seems like a summer book but I’m hoping to be mildly surprised. After a week away I had several hundred emails to go through. Wasn’t too exciting mostly, but there were a few […]

Moving On


I’ve been preparing material for the next issue of fish. It’s coming along nicely though the time has come to throw out the drag net of submissions & see what we bring in. It’s been a busy time. I finished the coursework for my master’s degree. We’ll see what happens next! This week I’ll be doing the job search with intensity. I’m ready to put my chops on the line & see what’s out there. […]