Month: July 1999

There have been some major


There have been some major changes since I last wrote here. The most important is the change in location from the server over to I didn’t leave a forwarding address though perhaps I should. In the past week some of the pages on the site have seen some major renovations, particularly the main page. I’ve discarded the background texture I was using and have gone with a basic dark green. I’m hoping to […]

Stout’s Guide to Web Site Promotion


Obviously you are free to try banner exchanges and multi-search engine submit sites, but I do not recommend them. Most of the companies that run such services are more interested in getting marketing information about you than promoting your Web site. With that said, here is a do-it-yourself approach to getting your Web site noticed. I have found two distinct methods for attracting more visitors to my Web site. First and by far the most […]