Month: April 1999

It’s been an interesting couple


It’s been an interesting couple of weeks since I last added a news entry, but first here’s the Web site news. The demotivational posters I had been hosting on my site were a popular item especially with the corporate types. They had been passed along to me last fall on e-mail, though no one knew of their origin. They’ve been up there the past few months, but finally I received an e-mail from the CEO […]

Welcome to the last month


Welcome to the last month and a half of the semester. After finals are over I’ll be halfway through graduate school. This is another one of those pre-dawn writings. This morning my car goes into the shop to fix what they broke the last time it was in the shop. On Sunday I checked out one of these Rotation gigs they’ve been having lately. It was pretty good. DJ’s from Chicago, Cedar Rapids, and Iowa […]