Month: December 1998

We went to a party


We went to a party tonight held by a couple of the people in my masters degree program. It was pretty alright but people were too critical of our professors. Calling a professor “burnt-out hippie” just because they’re unconventional and interesting I thought was unfair. At any rate, I spent a little more time on the books.html page after getting back from the party. The poetry section is complete. Fiction is about half-way completed, and […]

We finally gave our presentation


We finally gave our presentation on online newspapers today. We’d been building up to it for the past two months. It was for a class called “Contemporary Problems in Journalism.” Thanks especially all the newspaper people who responded to our survey. 10 questions wasn’t much but it helped us form ideas about the scope and direction of current Internet offerings. The presentation went really well. I presented first for about 20 minutes, and then my […]

Some of the new material


Some of the new material is making its way onto web pages. I haven’t finished putting all the links together. The bulk of the new site remains unfinished though. There’s only two and a half weeks left of the semester, and I’ll have some time after that to really get things in gear. Thanksgiving break was spent out of state pleasantly enough. Friends are telling me that I should be more serious about finding an […]