DrupalCon Portland 2013

There’s a pattern to conversations that plays out over and over. Someone I’ve just met asks me, “What do you do?” I say, “I work for the UW.” Then they ask, “Are you a professor?” I reply, “My title is … Continue reading

What technology tools do you use?

For a little over two years, The Setup has been profiling people of various walks who use technology in a significant way. There are four simple questions of which the purpose is to determine who the person is and what … Continue reading

So, you’ve heard of Firesheep?

In a series of posts this summer, I talked about various approaches to online privacy and security. Some people run proxies/tunnels of various sorts that, if they’re at a public wi-fi hospot, will protect their browsing. I take a somewhat … Continue reading

How can I protect my content online?

You may be putting your words online, developing a readership, and gaining revenue through advertising. The problem with putting content online is that it’s easy to steal. Even if you put a copyright notice on your page, people can still … Continue reading